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Maintenance and Training

At Fish FINatics, we strongly believe in educating our customers so that they can properly take care of their aquariums and also offer services to take care of their tanks where they may not be able to.

Aquarium Maintenance & Installation

Our maintenance staff will come to your home or office to set up or maintain any freshwater or saltwater aquarium. Maintenance services start at $60 per hour. We have over 10 years of experience maintaining home and office aquariums in the Syracuse area.

Pond Maintenance & Installation

April through October we offer Pond & Water Garden maintenance and installation. Please contact us for more info.


We offer free water sample testing with expert advice on how to keep your water parameters at safe levels, will match you with the right fish for your aquarium and offer in store classes, see below for more details.

Aquarium - Aquarium Training
Training Classes at Fish FINatics

Classes Available:

Beginner Saltwater Class

Approximately once a month we offer this FREE class that explains step by step how to set up a new saltwater aquarium, how to maintain it and also the best way to add fish, invertebrates and corals

Intermediate "Open Forum" Saltwater Class

Also once a month, we offer this open forum style class where you can discuss with our employyes and other customers the best ways to improve your tank and your knowledge about saltwater.

Topics usually include: Filtration, Lighting, Sumps, Testing & Dosing, Algae Control and much more

"Expert" Coral Fragging Class

This is the only paid class that we offer at this time. We offer the Fragging Class approximately once every 2 months for a $50 charge. You will receive $80 or more in fragging supplies and coral frags and we will teach you how to safely handle, cut, glue and place coral frags.

Contact us to find out more about aquarium maintenance services and free saltwater aquarium training.